Modern and Old-Fashioned Sexism Scale

5 point likert-type scale, with (-) indicating reverse scored items


Old Fashioned Sexism

1.     Women are generally not as smart as men (-)

2.     I would be equally comfortable having a woman as a boss as a man

3.     It is more importantly to encourage boys than to encourage girls to participate in athletics (-)

4.     Women are just as capable of thinking logically as men

5.     When both parents are employed and their child gets sick at school, the school should call the mother rather than the father (-)


Modern Sexism

Denial of continuing discrimination

1.     Discrimination against women is no longer a problem in the United States (-)

2.     Women often miss out on good jobs due to sexual discrimination

3.     It is rare to see women treated in a sexist manner on television (-)

4.     On average, people in our society treat husbands and wives equally (-)

5.     Society has reached the point where women and men have equal opportunities for achievement (-)


Antagonism toward womenÕs demands

6.     It is easy to understand the anger of womenÕs group in America

7.     It is easy to understand why womenÕs groups are still concerned about societal limitations of womenÕs opportunities


Resentment about special favors for women

8.     Over the past few years, the government and news media have been showing more concern about the treatment of women than is warranted by womenÕs actual experiences(-)